Build a pond – part 2

Back in May, one of our members built a new biodiversity pond for their garden – see the original blog post here. After a lot of work (and following a damp summer!), it now looks fantastic – here is an update on the wildlife that it has attracted.

The biodiversity pond in full summer bloom

“Since I last wrote about my pond project a lot has changed into the surrounding area. First, there has not been an influx of frogs or amphibious animals yet, but the addition of a water source in the garden has invited birds to bathe regularly and for small insects to appear under the water’s surface, which seem to have come from the lily pads and two irises added to the pond.

Around the pond, a few other plants and features have been added too. There is an abundance of wildflowers that were planted round the pond with some sedum, lupins, daisies, and sunflowers.

The further addition of an amphibious hotel and a small insect hotel should invite all types of snakes and frogs into the garden, as well as (hopefully) dragonflies and other insects. We have added a huge number of flowers and shrubs to help these animals move freely through our garden undisturbed, maybe even visiting the pond while walking through.

Not only have we added things for the benefit of animals, insects, and plants, but we have also added a two-seater swing to view our environment.

It has only been a couple months since the pond was added, but we have seen a huge difference in biodiversity and an improvement in our micro-climate. I would definitely recommend adding a pond to improve your garden’s environment, I know my garden would feel very different if it wasn’t there.”

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  1. This looks amazing – I can’t quite believe how healthy and well-established it looks after just 4 months. Great work!

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