News: April 2020

Share your recipes and save your seedlings….

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Share your recipes...

Lots of us are using the extra time at home to cook more often and try new recipes. Some families are involving the younger generation, whilst grandparents are sharing cooking tips and favourite recipes on Facetime. If you can’t go and see your favourite relative, maybe you can connect with them by cooking their favourite meal and sending photos.

We’ve been thinking about collecting and sharing recipes recommended by local people. We’re keen to include vegetarian, vegan, fish- and meat-based, gluten-free or other dietary ‘specialities’.

If your recipe uses local ingredients, that’s even better. We’ll be in the ‘hungry gap’ by the time you read this, so let us know what seasonal favourites you have. You might find wild garlic, nettles, sorrel and more on your daily exercise walk (assuming we’re still allowed to do that in May!).

Please share your favourite recipes by either:

  1. Posting on our Facebook page
  2. Or email it to us

We’d love you to share any stories behind the recipe – where it came from, why it’s popular in your family, how you’ve improved on the original version. And a photo would be brilliant!

We’ll add them to a new Recipe section on our website, so they are accessible. We’ll credit the recipe creator and photographer – please make sure you let us know who you are! The first few recipes are already there – featuring seasonal and foraged local ingredients!

Incredible Edible Swaledale

Incredible Edible Swaledale aims to grow free local vegetables for all, on un-used bits of ground. We’ve built the first raised beds at Reeth Medical Centre and part-filled those with compost – then the lockdown happened. We plan to raise seedlings in our gardens and if we aren’t able to access the raised beds when the seedlings are outgrowing their first pots, we’ll pot them on.

Please could you also save a few seedlings for when we can get going? Peas and beans, leeks, salads and edible flowers would all be fantastic. Please email and let us know, so we can contact you as soon as we’re can restart the project.

In the meantime, our existing plot at Gunnerside is ‘in furlough’. We plan to focus on herbs this year as it’s such a small plot. Please keep us in mind if you have any spare herb seedlings – it’s possible by the time you read this that we might all be out and about, planting and picking!

Read this blog update to find out more:

Tree Guard 'litter pick'

The ‘lockdown’ also meant we had to postpone our Tree Guard collection event in Rowleth Woods, and hope to reschedule this for later in the year.

Core Group Meeting

Our monthly meetings are now online – please email us if you’d like to join the meeting. The next one will be Thursday 7thMay, 7 pm to 8:30 pm (with a quick break at 8pm to allow us all outside to ‘clap for carers’).

What else?

[specific/vague info on plans, sign-off]

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