Climate emergency declared by Richmondshire District Council

Thanks to Richmondshire District Councillors for unanimously declaring a Climate Emergency this month and for their promise to research actions and to draw up a plan, which includes involving members of the public and publishing a 6-monthly progress report.

Whilst we aim to be optimistic and hope climate change can be controlled before we reach ‘tipping point’ (with sea ice melting and the oceans warming exponentially), some experts are of the opinion we only have 18 months to take action! 

We can, individually and collectively, influence politicians to commit to the implementation of strategies that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Possibly our best hope and apparently we have the technology (who knew?)! 

Some suggestions for how you can influence our politicians include:

  • Write to or email your MP. Rishi Sunak (MP for Richmond) has consistently voted against measures to prevent climate change – encourage him to change his mind – write to your MP
  • Check out Climate Coalition.You’re probably a member of a group who’s already joined or are have contact with their partners:- National Trust, RSPB, Women’s Institute, NFU, University of Leeds…
  • Join Friends of the Earth Darlington
  • Link up with ‘Richmondshire Against Single Use Plastics’ – contact details available soon.
  • Check out Inside Yorkshire’s interview with Mike Sparrow at   
  • If you’re feeling radical check out what Extinction Rebellion are doing!  Extinction Rebellion Groups near you.
  • Or just come along and share your ideas with the Sustainable Swaledale group every 1st Thursday of the month and help us keep up to date with matters relating to our 2 Dales and the beyond!

What do you think? Share your ideas on Facebook or use the contact form on this website.

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