Incredible edible‘ is a network set up to encourage sourcing of local produce and avoid the sustainability issues resulting from long-distance transport of commercial produce.

The aim is to get people involved with communally growing and picking fruit, herbs and vegetables in spaces that would otherwise be unused.  These spaces need to be public areas that anyone can get to, and we’d need to get water from nearby. 

If you know of a spare bit of land, no matter what size, that you think could be put to good use growing vegetables why not contact us.  It’s better if it gets at least some sunshine – it’s hard to grow in heavily shaded areas. 

What can I do?

You can do as much or as little as you like, without asking permission from anybody. It’s a community garden, so it really needs the community to get stuck in and make use of it. This includes:

  • Planting new seedlings or seeds, if there is some space available.
  • Doing a bit of weeding or other general maintenance.
  • Watering the beds, especially on warm days.

Can I take some vegetables?

Yes – that’s the whole idea. Feel free to pick anything that is ready and take it home to eat. Again, you don’t need to ask permission. What we really want to avoid is any of that lovely fresh produce going to waste, so please don’t feel any guilt about helping yourself.

We have two plots that could do with your help.


The Reeth veg plots are by the side of the GP’s surgery in Reeth, to the right hand side of the building as you look at it. Feel free to go and have a look – don’t be shy!

There is parking available at the surgery, but please avoid using this while the surgery is open, and take care to follow current Covid precautions.


The veg plot in Gunnerside is next door to the King’s Head pub (stand outside the pub and look for the big rendered wall!). Please feel free to plant it with any spare herbs, ‘cut and come again’ veg, or soft fruit. 


Our Gunnerside plot, after planting. Help yourself!

To reiterate – these edibles are free for anyone to help themselves. Or if you’d like to help out by doing some weeding or contributing some vegetable seedlings, then please just go for it, or contact us.

Blog posts

Here are a few of our blog posts giving the latest information about the veg plots.


August in the vegetable garden

To coincide with our Reeth community plot getting up and running, this is the first of a series of monthly blog posts covering what seasonal produce to plant, and how…

Reeth community garden

The community veg plot at Reeth has lots of lovely produce ready to pick and eat.