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Welcome to our recipes page – we hope that this gets you inspired!

We want to share recipes recommended by local people, ideally those that use our wonderful Dales locally-sourced produce. Using foodstuffs which have been produced locally helps minimise transport emissions, supports the local economy and gives you access to some really top-quality produce.

If you have a recipe to share, please contact us using the web form. Anything goes – we’re interested in snacks, starters, main-courses or puddings…. it can be meat or fish-based, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or cater for other dietary specialities… whatever you fancy!

If you have a good local supplier for some of the ingredients then please include them as a recommendation. Please also see our ‘food map‘ which provides details of local produce suppliers within our area.


Puff balls

Happy days of warm full tummies with this pud, always served with golden syrup and Birds custard.
Lamb Henry Cath Calvert

Lamb Henry

This recipe is believed to be originally from Westmorland, and is now a family favourite for a local sheep farmer.…
Wild Garlic

Wild Garlic Soup

This recipe is from Penny O’Regan, using a few simple ingredients and helping us celebrate the amazing taste of wild…
Nettle pea-soup-2786118_640 Image by RitaE from Pixabay

Nettle soup

This recipe for nettle soup is from the River Cottage Cookbook. You can use any wild/spring greens and mix in lettuce, peas etc. Uses rice as a thickener. Tasty and…