Travelling sustainably within the Yorkshire Dales can be difficult, and it is all too easy to end up using a very un-sustainable single-occupancy car. However, here are a few other options that you might not know about.


The main bus service in Swaledale is provided by the Little White Bus (aka Swaledale Shuttle) – see for timetables etc. This is great for travelling up/down the Dale and to Richmond, but only has a very limited number of services per day and has to be pre-booked for certain journeys.

Also check out for loads of other information about buses and trains in the Two Dales and wider Dales area, including timetables.


There are various ride-sharing websites that cover the whole of the UK, including the Dales.

These all work slightly differently, but the basic premise is simple – you submit details of where you want to travel from & to, and then other users of the website can offer you a ride and a price (it may be free!).

Alternatively, if you are already planning to drive somewhere and have a spare seat, then you add this to the website and other users can choose to share with you.

Some options are:

Car journeys

Alternatively, if there is no choice but to jump in your car, then try and limit your mileage by combining as many journeys as possible.

Or consider offering a friend or neighbour a lift, to go and do your shopping together!