Recipe book image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay 

At a time when many households are confined to home we are presented with the opportunity to commit a little more thought to the food that we eat. Indeed, as the choice of produce available through home delivery services, and on supermarket shelves, becomes less reliable, it is useful to experiment with recipes that might depart from the norm. Trying new recipes can be great fun too!

For this reason, Sustainable Swaledale would like to invite local people to share their favourite recipes with others in the community. If your recipe includes locally grown/reared ingredients, so much the better. 

A recipe that has been passed down through the generations, or has a particular family significance, is absolutely ideal. Perhaps you can share a story about the origin of the recipe or why it’s popular in your family. 

To participate, simply post your favourite recipe on our Facebook page, together with the preparation instructions. We will then host a bank of the submitted recipes on our website, so that they are readily accessible to all. The most popular twelve recipes will feature as recipe of the month suggestions in a 2021 Sustainable Swaledale calendar, attributed to their author.

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